Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Whoa – how did the time get here so quickly??? I cannot believe we are just DAYS away from the big race!!! Am I ready? Probably not. Will I finish? If I have to crawl on my hands and knees I will finish! Am I excited? More than you will ever know!!! This is the big event…the culmination of all those early morning, hot, long, dreadful runs. I’m still not fast, and it won’t be pretty, but I’m going to give it my all come Sunday morning at 6:30 AM! My plan is to keep John and Susan in my sights – I will be staring at the back of their shirts for 13 miles (hopefully) but at least they’ll be close enough to hear the medics as I am wheeled off the course!!!

Even more than the race, I am nervous about leaving my kids, especially Kayla Reese. We have only left the older girls overnight for one night at a time – and we’ll be gone three nights in Chicago. And we’ve never left Kayla Reese overnight…ever! But I think this will be a great opportunity for Gregg and I to be alone for a while and remember what it feels like to be married. This year we celebrated 10 years of marriage but spent our actual anniversary weekend attending birthday parties and weddings. We plan to do some shopping, lots of eating, some resting, and maybe even a bit of pampering! The kids will be in good hands and I bet they will have even MORE fun with mommy and daddy out of sight for a few days!

Overall I am thrilled with the progress John, Susan and myself have been making on the foundation and our mission to raise awareness. I can’t wait to unveil our new logo and kick off into high gear! But we’ve got our minds on the race right now – focused and prepared. I am asking for prayers though – and lots of them! Prayers for safe travel, prayers for the loved ones taking care of our children, prayers for our children and hopes they will enjoy this time, prayers for a safe race without injury (too bad I’ve already had mine…hope it doesn’t get too bad!), and prayers for courage and strength for us to leave our children, travel to Chicago, and run the race of a lifetime. All for the love of Kayla Reese. Many, many, many thanks for your continued support and prayers. I promise I feel every one of them.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nothin' Like a Little Healthy Competition....

Okay, so we're running in a race, a half marathon to be exact, next Sunday, August 2 2009. What's a race without a lil' trash talk and healthy competition??? We (Michelle, John and I) have quite a challenge ahead of us. We've got to run 13.1` miles!!! Well, I've got a challenge for you... On the right hand side of the blog, is a little poll. We want you to vote on 'who will finish first in the 'Rock n Roll' Chicago Half Marathon?' Will it be Michelle? Will it be John? Or will it be myself? Take your pick. But, here's the kicker...if you pick the winner (between the three of us), we ask that you make a small (or large)donation to 'The Kayla Reese Foundation.' It can even just be a dollar. We appreciate it and thank you for any donation. This will have to be on an honor system as we do not know who votes or who you vote for. Donate a buck and we'll get excited, I promise! So, let's have some fun with this. Exercise your right and vote today! :) All voting will be shut down after August 1 @ 11:59 pm.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Gettin' To Know 'Reesy-Piecy'...

Hey y'all! We're so excited about Kayla Reese's story that aired last night on WIS! We are even more excited about your response to the story and 'The Kayla Reese Foundation.' There is one big thing we wanted to clear up from the story. Michelle and I will be running in the 'Rock n Roll' Chicago HALF MARATHON which is 13.1 miles. We're not running in the Chicago Marathon (a completely different race) and then only running half of it. Also, some have asked about t-shirts being sold. As I write this we are working on 'tweaking' some logos to represent 'The Kayla Reese Foundation.' We're going to use that logo to print on t-shirts and sell them in the VERY NEAR future. So, keep checking back!

One more thing, Tetrasomy X is an extremely rare CHROMOSOME ABNORMALITY. We have a link on the right side of the blog, (why 'The Kayla Reese Foundation' was formed') where Michelle goes into a lot more detail about all the 'symptoms' and issues that come along with Tetrasomy X.

Now that you've gotten to meet Kayla Reese up close and personal on t.v., Michelle and I thought you might enjoy some picture of her taken throughout her first year. Enjoy! Susan

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kayla Reese News Link

Check out the news video that aired on WIS-TV tonight. Below is the video of the news story. Just know you'll have to watch a short commercial before the story about Kayla Reese starts. Starting tomorrow, we'll be posting on the blog daily all the way through next weekend when we start 'Race 2 Chi-town!'

thanks for your support!

***Update*** on Kayla Reese being on the news!

The story will now air at 7pm, instead of 6:00!!!! Change your DVRs!!!!

Kayla Reese on the News!!!!

We're so excited that Kayla Reese's story will air on WIS-TV here in Columbia TONIGHT @ 6 pm. Thanks so much to Kara Gormley for doing this story. Our hopes are to gain exposure for 'The Kayla Reese Foundation' and Tetrasomy X. It may sound crazy, but non-profit organizations take money to start and maintain. So, we're hoping exposure will help 'The Kayla Reese Foundation' raise enough funds to really get up and going and fulfill our intended purpose. So, pull up a chair tonight at 6:00 and watch Kayla Reese or be sure to set your DVRs so you can watch it later! Thank you for all your support!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Good News and more good news!

Thanks to all who bought a Kayla Reese/Race 2 Chi-town t-shirt. This was our first fundraiser and it went really well. Our goal was to sell 50 shirts and we ended up selling 53! Not too bad!

Also, we are officially a foundation. Yep, you heard right, we are now 'The Kayla Reese Foundation.' How awesome is that??? But, now for the hard (and expensive) part. We want The Kayla Reese Foundation to be a 501(c)3 or non-profit organization. The biggest thing about becoming a non-profit orgnaization is the fact that when people or businesses donate to us, they can write it off on their taxes....a big plus! To become a non-profit is going to take more time and of course, money. But, we're working on it and will keep you updated on our progress and future fundraisers!

Thanks again to all who ordered shirts this first go 'round. It has been such a good feeling when someone orders a shirt because you realize they have faith in what we're doing and I just can't put into words how grateful we all are. If you ordered, your shirt will be delivered or mailed to you this week (week of July 13).

Keep checking back for updates!